Saturday, 3 September 2011

Musings - Cheating...

Despite the semi-sensational subject title, this post is not about what you think it is going to be about... that is of course if you are actually thinking what I thought you might be thinking. If not still read on as I will get to my point eventually.

The thing is...

Last might I cheated on my blog!

It started out as a simple act of curiosity (isn't that what they all say?), a simple 'I wonder if that lawn is a tad more emerald than mine' and I found myself over at

Yes, I even set up their free blog. I even played around a bit, chose a theme, pilfered my blogger header image. I feel so ashamed, weak, traitorous, confused... I don't know why I did it other than, perhaps, a subconscious need to move forward with my memoirs of existence.

But would it be moving forward?
Is WordPress better than blogger or just different?

Argh! Advice is required on this one...

Can any body out there help?

:) xx

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  1. I transferred from Blogger to Wordpress last fall.

    I don't know if it is better or not but I do a lot more with widget and the like on Wordpress. Overall I am happier...

    That said I didn't ever learn everything blogger can do.

    I like having my own url..


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