Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Snippet - Know me by letter (A to F)...

I love it when the blogs and people that I follow from around the world inspire me. I get that warm feeling that tells me I have connected. Today's post is about me, an A to Z of Stacy (broken into manageable pieces).

And today's post was inspired by Square Peg in a Round Hole...


AMUSED: I think, in the most part, I am always amused because of how I was raised. My parents encouraged silliness and it kinda stuck. I can easily laugh at myself and what ever I find funny without the fear of being embarrassed by it.

BOOKS: I own over 1000 books and, at the moment, I can't get through the week without buying another. I love all genres, the smell of the pages, the weight of a book in my hand, the author's notes and i CURSE the Kindle!

COLLECTOR: It's not just books... I collect everything. I have hundreds of postcards, pencils, DVDs, CDs. Whole bunches of necklaces, photo frames, notebooks, cats, coasters, key rings, wooden boxes... I need help, me thinks.

DAUGHTER: I think I appreciate my Mother more now I know what it is like to have a daughter. Being the daughter I think I took a lot for granted, having the daughter I understand what it is to have that bond for another generation.

ETHAN HAWKE: My first real celebrity crush was on Ethan Hawke in White Fang. I have mentioned this many times before but I think it is important. He paved the way for my taste in men, he also made my expectations too high! :)

FANTASY: I daydream far too much. It's how I fall asleep, dream, get through journeys. It's how I write, read and plan my life. I love my fantasy world and how bit by bit I am making it real...

but mostly I love my fantasy world because I get Donnie Walhberg. Ha Ha :)

(Watch out for the next alphabetical segment...)

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