Monday, 11 July 2011

Musings - 'I'm of Ireland..' (Far and Away)...

Sunday the 3rd of July saw us once again in The Piece Hall for a festival.  For those of you that dont know, The Piece Hall is a 230 year old monument / building that was originally built for local trades people to bring thier 'Pieces' to sell.

This particular Sunday it was the annual Irish Festival reaching its 20th installment.

There were stalls, music, dancing, food and an overall day of entertainment...

 Katharine was fast asleep until the Bands began playing... startled much!

Beautiful building, blue sky, rides, stage and a Gunniess tent.

Katharine even ended up with a little friend to bring home. :) xx


  1. I'm hoping you mean "little" as in One of many, rather than actually small. Don't know about you, but seeing something that is green and bigger than me may not seem much like a friend (just saying).

  2. I'll have you know that Patrick Seamus (that's what we called him, yeah yeah how original are we ha ha) is a good sport. He has been sicked on, dribbled on and accidentally sat on. And he is a little sport as his wee bottom fits in my hand. But I admit... The sea of green paddys on the stall was intimidating. :) xx


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