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Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (7th July 2011)

A list of 10 old TV shows you’d like to make a comeback.

This week when I saw this writing option over at Mama Kat's Workshop I got rather excited. There are SO many TV shows that should warrant a comeback, those from my childhood and more recent ones alike. I started listing them off the top of my head and came up with a lot more than ten, I can tell you! So to write this post I took that list and decided firstly to cross off the ones that were there because I knew people would instantly think of them... such as 'Buffy', 'The Waltons', 'My So Called Life', 'Alias', 'Friends' and several others.

Then I started to eliminate shows which, with a bit of research, I found were actually still running just on some random obscure channel and then I sobbed over the ones that could and should never been done again... Peter Falk (aka Columbo) may you rest in peace.

I was left with a list of TV shows that I could pin point with exact memories from growing up, shows I watched to avoid studying and revision and other shows which I started to get into once I had cable TV only to find that they were old reruns of shows that were no more in production.

So my list, here goes... (ooh I have also listed a cast member you might know)...

1. Sons and Daughters (1982-1987)
An Australian show centering around the Hamilton family and the trials and tribulations not to mention twins separated at birth. Big 80s hair, big personalities, bitchy women, hot young men in high waisted jeans... Aussie soap at its best!.
(Peter Phelps - went on to star in Baywatch)

2. Murder She Wrote (1984-1996)
Writer Jessica Fletcher constantly finds herself caught up in mysterious crimes, Miss Marple style, taking an episode to solve the problem with keen insight and Angela Lansbury's infectious smile.
(Jerry Orbach - of Law and Order fame)

3. Quantum Leap (1989-1993)
A scientist transports himself through history into the bodies of unsuspecting people. Dr. Sam Beckett moves from body to body solving his host's problems before he can move on to the next time in history hoping that he will one day transport back into his own body. We still don't know if he did...
(Scott Bakula - Enterprise and Chuck)
4. Stay Lucky (1989-1993)
Most of you will have no idea what this TV show is. It wasn't particularly great but it was filmed in my village! I would often watch the filming and I have got quite a few autographs from the main cast members. All I really remember is that an ex-con holes up on a barge with the added intrigue of a will they won't they love story.
(Dougray Scott - Mission Impossible 2)
5. Burke's Law (1994-1995)
A tried and failed revival of the 1960s cop show. Peter Barton plays the young Burke in his tight jeans and fetching leather jacket. (Deserves a revival just for Barton's hair)
(Gene Barry - Burke's Law) ha ha
6. The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994-1998)
 What was not to love?
A young girl, after some accident or other, finds she has the ability to dissolve herself into a radioactive glowing puddle. Fun and daft antics follow.
(Larisa Oleynik - went on to star in 10 Things I Hate About You)
7. Heartbreak High (1994-1999)
 Another Aussie show that was great because of its Australian-ness. Set in a high school, we followed the life of some odd ball students as they tried to 'deal' with being a teenager, student and love interest of someone usually highly inappropriate.
(Simon Baker - The Mentalist)

8. Sunset Beach (1997-1999)
One of the most tragically overacted and overplayed yet addictive USA soap operas. Meg moves from her small town to the glitz of the beach to track a man she has fall for over the Internet. When she gets there she meets a whole range of characters not shy about scheming to get what they want.
(Eddie Cibrian - CSI: Miami)

9. Judging Amy (1999-2005)
The life and career of judge Amy Gray through divorce, raising a daughter, working in her juevenille courtroom and coping with a fiesty Mother who has a will and heart as strong as her daughters.
(Tyne Daly - of Cagney and Lacy fame)

10. American Dreams (2002-2005)
Set in the 60s when Band Stand was all the rage, the Vietnam War was claiming sons, JFK was shot and colour segrigation was errupting as a modern world demanded equality. Fantastic cast, story lines and of course amazing music. Talking of the music... watch out for a variety of stars cameoing as various music icons.
(Gail O'Grady - currently starring in MTVs Hellcats)

And of course I have to mention....

Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)


Mama's Losin' It


  1. I miss Quantum leap as well. My three daughter's and I still mourn the loss of Gilmore Girls. Thank heavens for series DVD's.

  2. I remember my mom and grandmother watching Murder She Wrote together all the time. I'd feel like I was part of the women when I sat and watched it with them sitting on my grandmother's couch.

  3. My wife told me that Columbo died. He appears to be one of those actors that you don't hear about for years and then you find out they have died.

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