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Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (28th July 2011)

I don't like to say it but I'm going to... This week I was really disappointed with the writing prompts. Usually there are at least two that catch my eye and there is always one that I can rule out immediately. This week I didn't want to write any of them, which is really sad because... Well I have grown to love waiting for the prompts, completing one, reading others and having others reading mine. I was stuck...

So after two days of contemplating I have conceded and come down off my high horse. The prompts are not just for me after all, there are probably hundreds of people out there who could be inspired by all five. In the end I chose...

A moment you realised your child was growing up.

Katharine hit a milestone this week. For the past three weeks she has be a pain in the neck at meal times, refusing the bottle and screaming until she is looks like her head is going to explode. So in an act of desperation we bought some baby rice. We didn't have high hopes that our stubborn little madam would like it but she loved it! Not only did she love it but now, after only a couple of days, she is back to drinking full bottles. We figure she was bored and needed something a little tastier than the white stuff, milk that is. As usual we documented the momentus occasion with a photo. :)

While not exactly grown up this week has shown me that my daughter is growning, she had another moment in the journey of Katharine Lorelai and, while it is going too fast for me, I love her for it.

This week the prompts also started a little debate in our house and the husband got in on  the writing prompt action. This is our combined rant about prompt number two...

Amy Winehouse died. Another name amidst a growing list of talented celebrities lost to addiction. Your reaction.

Why do we need to have a reaction to this? Another addict overdosed...

While heartbreaking for those who knew her we really don't think the world should once again think someone and something like is a tragedy. If we have to have a reaction to anything why could the prompt not have asked about the horrendous acts in Oslo which happened in the same week but came a second in newsworthiness to an average singer who was more notorious for lack of control and respect than for anything useful to anyone. It is our duty to our daughter to make sure she understands that life is precious and not to be thrown away.

:) xx

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  1. Mmmmmm rice! Wait until you decide to spoon in a bit of applesauce or other fruit/veg and she might just say, "Now we're going somewhere!".

    As for Amy Winehouse's death, I think all deaths are tragic, regardless of the circumstances: suicide, O.D. (which hers is seemingly not), accidental, immediate, slow, or wholly preventable. There is usually always someone affected, someone to whom the death is completely tragic. I don't think the Oslo deaths, even though perhaps "more" tragic are any more important to discuss as far as deaths go than hers is. Both, to me, were senseless and preventable. The Oslo murderer/terrorist (can we please stop referring to him as simply a madman) needs mental rehabilitation (Norway doesn't really punish; they try to fix the person) and Amy needed more drug rehab. Addiction is real and crippling and though I want to be "less" sympathetic for her (b/c my heart aches at the thought of those children being shot at), she's still dead too.

  2. Don't get me wrong, I feel for any one who has lost someone close to them even in such circumstances as these. Life is cruel and harsh. I just feel that the level of attention given to it is out of place. :)

    And Katharine tried some apple purée... her face said it was sour and she will never forgive me ha ha x

  3. I agree with you about Amy Winehouse. I feel for her family and friends -- those that cared about her and wanted to help, not those that fed her addiction. There were over 90 deaths in Oslo. Many were gunned down, whereas Amy sadly engaged in many self destructive behaviors.

  4. Your daughter is so cute!! She clearly is up for rice. Yay. I am glad you wrote even though none of the prompts amaze you. I sort of do the opposite - I put the #'s 1-5 in the random number generator and write to what I get unless something BEGS to be written about. Definitely throws me some curveballs sometimes!

  5. Your daughter is adorable! Glad she's eating better. Ahhhh...I'd like to say I miss those days, but I don't.

    As for your comments on Amy Winehouse, A-freakin'-MEN, Sister! I get so sick of the privileged being self-destructive. Between her and Lindsey Lohan, I don't know who is the hotter mess. Well, I guess Lindsey since Amy finally removed herself from the game.


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