Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Snippet - Know me by letter (M to R)...

Here we are again... who is this woman? Oh yeah... me. :)


MALTESERS: I have inherited the love of Maltesers from my Mother. Growing up we had a game where we would see how many we could fit into our mouths at the same time. I will not own to my number... lets just say I could neither breathe nor swallow. :)
NIGHT BLINDNESS: It's my left eye, it's lazy. Stick me in the dark and I will have a bit of trouble. While the average eye takes about 15 minutes to fully adjust to the grey scale of night my left eye just doesn't or on the rare occasion that it does I am going to sleep anyway. Tut.
ORDINARY: There is nothing about me that is particularly spectacular or special. What you see is what you get. It's not that I don't have the dream to do or be something extraordinary because I do... I'm just still working on it.
PHOTOS: I take photos of everything, you might have guessed if you have visited this blog before. I love documenting life. While the Chinese believe that a photo steals a bit of your soul I think it duplicates so that even in death you can never die.
QUOTES: I can quote Shakespeare like the back of my hand, Hamlet and the Sonnets especially. Today I downloaded an APP for my phone which gives me more quotes than old Will's, I am branching out. No doubt the blog will get filled with them.
ROHAN: Our little bundle of fur and enthusiasm. Rohan the Border Terrier, who is quite famous in this blog, will be three in December. I still remember the day we brought her home, it was snowing and I had such a tiny bundle wrapped in my blue cardigan. Bless her.

Feel like you know me yet?... Watch out for the last installment of letters.

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  1. This is a clever idea. I probably should find the other ones so I can get to know Red Writer from cover to cover (or at least from A to R).


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