Wednesday, 11 August 2010

MOTW - Jay Baruchel

During the mad film fest that ended up being the last seven days we had the pleasure of watching the exceedingly entertaining 'She's Out of My League' starring the equally entertaining Jay Baruchel. The film was funny, Jay in turn was hilarious to watch, but this is not why this young (yeah another one younger than I) Canadian has gained MOTW status.

No, it is his ability to, once watched, pop up absolutely everywhere!

- Almost Famous - We watched this after SOOML and there he was looking about 12 years old, despite actually being 18, and appearing as geeky and gangly as ever.
- The Sorcerer's Apprentice - I then turned on the television to see him in an advert for his latest offering. A geeky and gangly chap trying to avoid the magical advances of a suspicious looking Nicolas Cage.
- Radio 1 - Then Sunday morning my radio alarm clock kicked in to life and I realised that it was Jay being interviewed, and seemingly he is charming and hilariously amusing in real life. Bless him.

But even though I was now confident that I must have seen Jay Baruchel in an abundance of formats I still had this feeling that I had seen him somewhere before... seen him in a uniform... with the help of IMDb I figured it out. Jay Baruchel is none other than Joey Motorola of Night at the Museum 2 fame. It would appear I knew him before I knew of him, if that makes any sense. And if I remember correctly, as Joey I thought he was pretty cute... geek must be my type. :)

So... what do you think, is he worthy of the MOTW status? Who would be your choice?

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