Saturday, 21 August 2010

Diary - August 13th to 19th 2010

Diary – 13th to 19th August

This week has been about three things…
1. Phasing myself back into work with half days and afternoon naps,
2. Watching more and more of The OC and loving it,
3. Realising that my good intentions of reading my library books have failed.

Friday afternoon involved a wee shopping trip to Huddersfield to try and get some birthday ideas. I failed but I did manage to find a new handbag after months of haphazardly looking. It’s not green but its ugly enough to keep me entertained and interested. I might see if someone wants to wrap it up for my birthday then at least the idea of the shopping trip wasn’t a complete bust. In the evening I met up with the husband and the parents and we went to the Toby Carvery to stuff our faces with a roast dinner and ice cream pudding. Delicious.

We decided on Sunday morning to go and take a look at the Fertility Centre in Manchester. It was only thirty or so miles away and didn’t take much longer to get to than the Leeds Hospital did. It looks lovely, a white stately building and after doing a bit of research it seems like the place to go if you want to get pregnant. It’s going to cost us thousands of pounds though but hopefully it will work and we will have a little monster this time next year. October is going to be our next session… fingers crossed.

On the way back from Manchester we called into the near by shopping centre to have a look for some birthday ideas, after my failed attempt on Friday. This ‘Trafford Centre’ is huge, the eating area is designed like a big cruise ship with loads of restaurants and cafés around the edge of it. We had a lovely lunch then wandered around the shops but I felt that there were way too many posh clothes shops and not enough fun stuff. Kieran got the new Iphone 4 though so he was happy, ha ha.

Tuesday morning saw me back at work, though only for one department so I was able to finish at lunch time and have the afternoon at home. We decided to bake, did the Mother and I. We ended up with forty eight buns and one cake. I posted pictures on the day so scroll down to have a look. I would love to be good at cooking or baking but I fear I just don’t have the imagination or taste buds for it.

On my last afternoon off I popped into see my friend and her little boy George. He is growing really quick and is the spitting image of both of his parents. We played on the rug, talked to Harry the Rabbit, laughed at the hot tub and had a lovely cup of tea. I should really go and visit them more often… it’s just so hard. :(

Rohan also had her fur cut this week. When we went to pick her up we could hear her barking away from the front of the shop. They had put her in a dog cage while she waited for us to arrive and she didn’t like it. Poor love; she does look gorgeous though, more like a little girl dog with her trimmed ears and beard.

Next week… I have no plans but to try and not let a full working week get to me.

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