Friday, 27 August 2010

Diary - August 20th to 26th 2010

Diary – 20th to 26th August

This week has been about three things…
1. Watching young dancers Stepping it up… 3D Style,
2. Keeping my baby girl away from all those randy boys,
3. Realising that being back at work full time is knackering.

I love the fact that when I go for my hair cut I always beat my hairdresser there. My hairdresser is great, blonde in every sense of the word, and always makes my hair look super shiny and super lovely but her timekeeping is hilariously and notoriously unpredictable.

This Saturday she had me done and dusted in time to head with my friend over to our local Odeon cinema. Step Up 3D was the day’s choice but not before we stopped at the Pizza Hut next door. They now do MY pizza!!! It’s like I designed it! Melted goats cheese, mixed whole olives, cherry tomatoes and sweet caramelised onions, topped with fresh rocket. This is exactly what I choose when I order the make-your-own! And now they call it the Caprino. I feel so special. Though obviously I know it wasn’t made specifically for me, but a girl can be delusional once in a while, ha ha.

Step Up 3D was great. It’s not an Oscar winning film, no offence meant, but it was enjoyable and visual stunning. Not quite sure why the Camp Rock chick was in it but other than that all the characters fit and worked well with each other. No real eye candy for me but I can appreciate why others might have found the lead a little tasty. I’m glad I saw it if only to round off the trilogy. I did mourn the absence of Channing Tatum but as Dear John is out next week I am determined to get my fix.

Poor Rohan was at the fullest part of her season this week, poor love. She doesn’t really make a mess but she gets clingy and whiny and won’t let me out of her sight. As she thinks that she is above me in our Pack, fair play to her, she treats me like I am her baby. Like if I am out of the room for too long she comes to find me or if I cough / sneeze / take a deep breath, she looks at me to make sure I’m not dying. She has so much built up energy now as we haven’t really wanted to take her for her usual off the lead walk. The next time we take her to the Moor she is going to go crazy. :)

The working week has been tiring. I only had a week and a half off but it is amazing how quickly your body adjusts to lazing about and not being sat in an office chair. Most of the managers are still off work this week so the drama hasn’t really started yet. The fun will no doubt begin next week with the on set of students and a new build. Alas.

Next week… I think the in laws might be coming for a visit?

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