Monday, 22 March 2010

Poem - To Leave

To Leave

Take up your hand and hold it to my heart;
It beats for you,

Listen to my breathing, shallow, painful;
A soul trembles at your touch,

Look into the blue that’s enraptured by this moment;
My eyes crave every detail,

Move closer and take note our reaction;
I feel that you feel,

Whisper those secrets you can no longer keep;
You love me,

Kiss me and seal your confession and make this real;
For I taste your confusion,

Don’t let go… your hand drops… why is it that you cry;
Please… please don’t say goodbye;

Your words ache, you will love me all your life time;
You can’t stay?

I counter, I will love you all my life time;
But not this, never on this day.

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