Monday, 29 March 2010

Diary - March 19th to 25th 2010

Diary -19th to 25th March

This week has been about three things…

1. Congratulations and celebrations do da do do da do.
2. More congratulations for something entirely different.
3. Gods and Monsters - you can not be serious???

So there were celebrations a plenty. Friday involved banners and balloons in the garden followed by an evening of Italian at Julio’s. Don’t you just love it when the guy who serves you at the bar has a broad Yorkshire accent but by the time he reaches your table to take your food order his accent is thicker than Brando’s in Part 2.

Saturday was odd bits of Salad and Trifle at the Grandparents with way more balloons than the garden has seen the day before. Family came and went, cousins bickered, the dog barked, my uncle complained – the usual really.

Then Sunday we travelled to The Sportsman Inn for an entertaining carvery, a cute chef (yeah I know I shouldn’t have noticed that!) and a sparkler in my Father’s pudding. Actually it was more like a firework so it was a good job he had chosen the cheesecake to keep it upright… I fear the consequences of a sloshing fruit salad.

Towards the end of the week my husband got a job. After being redundant and unemployed for over a year it was a great boost to both his sanity and our financial situation. Now all we need is a lottery win to pay off the debts and a new routine to make sure we get up on time and keep the pooch happy. He will be designing, like before, only this time for a lovely local company with a boss called Ernst. I have pledged to provide lunch but am insulted that he STILL refuses to take to work the Robot lunchbox I got him. I guess I will just have to remain the one with quirk in our household… until we have kids who I fear will be just as barmy as I.

Bit of a slow week really after the weekend of parties. We put a plan together for the Funeral, I got stressed at work, my best friend came over for tea and several nights I couldn’t sleep. But none of that is blog worthy so I will do better next week. Although I will be detailing funeral business so I am not likely to be overly jolly then either.

Alas. March is not my favourite month at all!

Oooh just remembered… my sister in law wants the four of us (details later) to have a joint birthday party in September for our 30ths. Gods and monster themed… yeah my eyebrow hit my hairline too.

Next week… I will be contending with the In Laws.

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