Sunday, 21 March 2010

Diary - March 12th to 18th 2010

Diary - March 12th to 18th

This week has been about three things…

1. Finding entertainment in the most random of places,
2. Finding that ‘team’ is only a labelling word for a group too easy fractured,
3. Finding that I am ill prepared to welcome in the 60th.

‘A crazy ass week’ just about sums up this middle of March week. Sure February and January had a certain amount of the ludicrous and the lunacy but March… always seems to out do itself.

With my father’s 60th birthday looming at the end of the week I found myself lacking any substance to ‘get the party started’. The gifts I had bought seemed inadequate for such a milestone, the balloons were still flat in their packet and the cake had yet to be bought. Speaking of the cake… me and the mother of my family unit had picked out a couple of embarrassing photos so all that was needed was for my local leading supermarket chain to work their edible magic and adorn the sponge with a grinning Frederick. I also got the idea that a novelty t-shirt might be entertaining so I purchased a round-neck, some iron on transfer sheets and dug out the family album. Pictures will follow!

A few days previous we girls took a trip to find a sofa. We looked and looked but as the person buying the thing wanted it to ‘jump out at her’ in order for her to buy it we ended up in Pizza Hut empty handed or rather without receipt; I don’t think we had actually planned on carrying a three-seater home with us. Anyway in The Hut we found ourselves entertained. Davey B was to be our waiter. Not only was he cute as a button (in a 26 year old way) but he was training to be pilot. For a waiter he also had an over familiarity that was endearing, a memory that was impressive bearing in mind he remembered all our toppings and a cheeky smile that evaporated any of our ennui.

With regards to the workplace move, which I have been wittering on about, not only did our belongings change hands but so did our loyalty. For a team that last week was understanding and strong we very quickly fell apart. Tensions rose, tears fell and tantrums took hold. The situation was stressful enough but finding that we didn’t actually have anywhere to go, realising that others were favoured above ourselves and running into a manager that frankly spoke to us like they didn’t give a damn… the week was hard. Some even found the idea of coming in so painful that they didn’t even bother to show up. I hope it gets better. I don’t think I can work for 18.5 hours in deathly and tension filled silence. Alas.

On a brighter note my car passed its MOT. But sadly Kieran’s Nan passed away on the Sunday. She was ready though bless her and I guess at the end that is all we can ask for.

Next week… it’s party, party, party. Literally… three parties!

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