Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Musings - Walk Around the Water

Having a dog means that I get out (occasionally) and about (when I can be bothered). Like anything that is good for you and requires a little effort, taking Rohan out isn't actually as bad as I think it is going to be once I'm doing it. It's just the idea of getting off my arse on a Sunday afternoon... I'm lazy.

The other Sunday we decided to head to a local walk called Ogden Water. A council maintained reservoir surrounded by woods and streams and an ice cream van. It's one of my favourite places and, okay I admit, well worth leaving the sofa for. With the recent snow OW has been a winter wonderland and now we are thawed it's still a wonderland just a rather muddy one. Rohan loves it though; my car and carpets... not so much.

That's her on the right with the inane grin and flapping behind her ears.

There is something almost mystic about OW (if you ignore all the dog doo left over from idiot owners) and more often than not when you look over the water you can almost picture Heaven peeping through the clouds. I have started to take my camera with me and, when Rohan isn't trying to knock me flying by jumping at the back of my knees, I have been able to get some nice shots. I won't win any competitions but my photos, I think, manage to encapsulate what the Water is about.

The Second photo shows the Heaven I was talking about, peeping, guarding over the squirrels and the ducks.
There are a variety of walks around the Water. For the stroller there is a path that runs around the edge from the car park to the dam to the visitor centre (yeah it has a little one of those too) and back to the car park.

For the more adventurous there are the woodland walks taking you up and down, through the mud and in and amongst the nature of it all. The woodlands also include trails for children with markers to look out for such as giant wooden rodents and a thigh high carved mushroom which looks uncannily like a big 'willy'. (I didn't take a photo of that... didn't want to look like a mushroom stalking perv).

There are also the stream walks. A little rocky, uneven and potentially foot wetting. Not for the average plodder I'm afraid.

Alternatively, find one of the many benches, take a seat, bask in the sun and refuse to move.

Here is Rohan again, pleading for a treat because she came back to her whistle call. The photo doesn't show that it took four whistles and a lot of huffing on her part before she would come back. That's her cute face, it comes hand in hand with the pleading.

As mentioned above, around Ogden Water there are a variety of benches for you to rest your legs. These benches are memorial in nature. They come with little plaques dedicated to loved ones. I always sit and take in the view, make sure that a good spot was chosen.

Photo 4 is taken from one of these benches. I can not remember the name detailed on it (even though at the time it felt important that I remember) and out of all the benches I sat on (much to Rohan's disgust) this was my favourite view.

You can just make out the ice still surrounding the edge of the water.

Now I love the walk and the water, the memories and glimpse of perfection but what I love the most is the recycling. Bizarre, huh? Ogden Water as a body of liquid is surrounded by a woven fence made from old Christmas trees and holly wreaths. Not only is it good for the environment but it looks beautiful and smells absolutely amazing.

So what I am trying to say is... if you have a favourite place, one that makes you feel magical and mystical and that little bit closer to heaven; go as often as you can. The sofa will always be there when you get home. :)

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