Monday, 15 March 2010

Diary - March 5th to 11th 2010

Diary – March 5th to 11th

This week has been about three things…

1. The constant upheaval of moving and the knowledge that my house would be a nightmare to pack,
2. Making a Shepherd’s pie all by myself (Mother on the other end of the phone does not count),
3. Naughty dreams about mulleted teenagers.

We finally moved my friend into her new place. Took about two days but it was worth it to get her away from the rats and the sex shop. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t living in hell… just next door. Thank God there was a lift at her new place. There are only so many High School Musical novelty items and Sidney Sheldon books a girl can carry in one go without adding the fear of stairs to the mix.

The highlights of the move included a communal stairwell littered with soap powder, ‘misplacing’ a bookcase somewhere in the building so as not to dismantle it or get it down the stairs and finally Kieran trapping my friends arm in the boot of the car. The fool stuck her arm in there but either way the sickening crunch when he slammed the hatchback was nasty. She milked the bruises though so alls well and all that.

Back at the workplace ranch there was also still packing to be done. I have photos of the eighty crates we filled with files and folders and what not. There were eight just for the kitchen and I swear I filled four just with the reception stationery. It got to the point where I couldn’t be bothered anymore so I just threw things in a box, stuck a sign on the top reading ‘ARCHIVE’ and hoped for the best. I’ve moved too often to be phased, I know for a fact those boxes will never be opened again in my life time. That is unless the College sewer pipes burst again and they have to swill out the…

Also this week there was a humorous yet embarrassing moment with a Chinese woman and a lemon chicken order. You know something is drastically wrong when you ring up your local Chinese take away and not only do they recognise your voice but they don’t even feel the need to ask for your address. This happened to us this week. Just goes to show that giving them regular service for seven years has paid off. This week recognition… next week a free spring roll! Here’s hoping.

Mid-week, while feeling exasperated I checked my emails to be surprisingly yet thoroughly entertained. Thanks RB, your wit worked wonders.

Next week… I’m going to see if the WiiFit remembers my name.

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