Monday, 15 February 2010

Musings - Adoption

There was a full page advertisement in the local courier today. Adopt Billie. There was a half page picture in grainy black and white of a young child complete with woolly hat, candles and an expression what pleaded for someone to love them. Below the picture was a list of what was needed to take care of Billie.

Some of the bulleted points were serious or at least hinted at a serious nature whilst others made me smile at their effort to add to the grainy picture a little of the child’s personality. This child loves yellow and crispy potatoes, asking questions and holding on tight.

And while I was reading I started to think to myself… is this what I am meant to be doing? Is my empty womb a sign that I am meant to give the love I have and the enthusiasm and humour I have to a child who is yet to feel any of those things but who is waiting out there for me to make that call; to adopt.

Something about it feels right, scary as hell but… right. Apparently I have to wait until I have considered my fertility treatment options before I (we) will be considered to take on any child but I am patient. One way or another I have love to give and will find a way to give it. :)

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