Monday, 16 July 2012

Musings - Time will tell...

I am all about the photos of late and less about the words.

It’s not that I am stuck, I have not fallen to the curse of writer’s block… I am befelled more by the ravages of time.

I don’t have enough of it, time that is!!!

I know I know, from time to time I do moan about not having enough time and I am conscious of the time wasted by griping about grappling with the illusion of fast passing time. Like now for instance… I could have written a poem in the spell / interval / period (time) I have waffled needlessly.


So here it is… the poem I could have written…

Take a pause, a breath, a thought and remember who, what, where and from when,
Imagine the before, disregard the now and cower at the future as it hurtles,
Make a plan, consciously, set a goal, make your target but take heed,
Elusive is the pattern of a projective, suggestive, passing from day to night
… hold on tight.

:) xx

- Posted on the move...

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