Friday, 20 July 2012

Musings - Moi, moi, moi...

Have you ever taken the time to write a paragraph about yourself? An about me?

It is actually a lot harder than you think! I tried it… an hour later I had deleted several inane lines of shallow description and developed a frown line.

I found myself with a number of questions:
What do people want to know?
What do I want them to know?
What am I willing to disclose?
Am I brave enough?
Am I interesting enough?

I decided to let my fingers type to a natural pause and simply read ‘me’ back. This is my about me…

Hi… I’m Stacy.

I have blonde hair, blue eyes and petit facial features which I hide behind a pair of terracotta spectacles. I am of average build, average height and average pretty much everything else. I excel at little and coast at a lot. I like to read, watch and listen, making me an observer rather than a doer. I am left handed, live by an inner imaginary soundtrack made up of soft rock songs and my iPhone is usually glued to my hand. I am a Nicholas Sparks quote ‘I am a common (wo)man with common thoughts and I have led a common life…’ but I have had neither the joy nor the tragedy to warrant a full page.

I like eyes and I like the intimacy of their contact. My heart races on a daily basis and my heart aches just as much. I play at being happy in those moments when I am not, often a fraud in my own skin. But I fake a sparkle well, I can always have an interest in your interests, you can count on that. I am dependable, understandable, a nifty phone a friend. Daughter, woman, wife, mother, me occurring in that order with the exception of the ‘me’. Have I found me yet? I had plans for my life, now I have new plans. I want to make my daughter proud; I figure I have a few years yet to get my act together or rather my write together. I openly blog each day about that day but I am shy by nature. I am not the life of the party but I am the smile of laughter when the music dies.

I am hopeful that there is some exceptionality in my veins; I am optimistic at least, a realist with an optimistic outlook… I know the glass is half empty but I am willing to top that metaphorical liquid to the top. Someday, somehow, somewhere you will know me and think ‘I remember her, she used to be ordinary.’ And you will be wrong. I will still be ordinary… I will just have found a way to make you believe that to live life like you are dreaming out loud is to be remarkable.

Now it’s your turn… :) xx

- Posted wryly...

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