Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Musings - Is thirty past it?..

Thirty and flirty and thriving?

Right, by thirty I take it they mean after thirty-two because, while I might have the smile of the flirt down, thriving I am not.

What is to thrive? Let’s find some synonyms… flourish, prosper, succeed, boom, bloom and blossom? Increase? I take it I am supposed to be more than I am, or at least want more than I am and have an aim to be it, get it and have it?

So let’s be all Sound of Music about it and start at the beginning… what do I want?

Top 3 that come to mind without any thought, just finger to key:
1. To be able to have a successful career as a writer.
2. To be financially secure and have the benefits of that security.
3. To have someone look me in the eye and know that I have blown their mind.

The first two points are obviously, for the most part, intertwined and relatively within my control. EFFORT EFFORT EFFORT! Make some!
And the third point, well, let’s not dwell on that one two much as this one is customarily reserved for my alter ego leading lady.

Now I need a game plan. A challenge! I do so love a challenge. Maybe I need to push myself more, my alter ego leading lady is not as patient as she once was.

Top 3 challenges that come to mind without any thought, just finger to key:
1. Write 30 poems from July 2012 to June 2012. One year, barely a poem per week, in the same format and all ending with a sonnet … line.
2. Write 30 reviews from July 2012 to June 2012 (are you sensing a theme) on anything that I watch, visit or buy. And put some effort into the review!
3. Read 30 books, okay I am not going to type that again, over the next year and in no less than 500 words talk about it. I know this is like a review but I wanted the additional challenge of actually reading.

So, in theory, I should be able to undertake and achieve my challenges. Right?

It doesn’t look that hard, thirty is a nice even easy number… it’s flirty. :) xx

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