Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Musings - Trifecta Writing Challenge (TRAIL)

Trifecta have gone with the tried and tested challenge this week of a word and its third definition...
trail verb \ˈtrāl\
3: to move, flow, or extend slowly in thin streams
Here is my offering...

I had the audacity to signal ‘goodbye’ with the wave of a raised palm. I watched, dispassionate at my actions, hearten by the sequence of events about to unfurl.

From the space at my feet the glimmering rainbowed stream trailed out; made a tacky ribbon of fume and fluid.

Tyres crunched gravel and clouded dust as distance was coursed.

Taking from my pocket the final gift from my misplaced father, I studied the cold titanium design of the flaming sword. Like Uriel I was to be guardian, to banish from this earthly paradise the unjust.

With the flick of my gloved thumb I brought warmth to the titanium through its sparked flame.

I raised my eyes, still dispassionate, and tipped the flame and housing from my hand. I heard the crackle of a well marked landing, the roar as fire consumed its trail of fuel.

I turned away, walked away without even a flinch as moments later the silence was broken by the blast.

You can find out more about this challenge, past challenges and those that have yet to take the stage at


Go on... say it. :) xx

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