Saturday, 24 March 2012

Musings - Game show / five things / past men...

Last night I had a very bizarre dream... It involved a Game Show, Five men who have cropped up at some point during my thirty one years and five objects.

The idea of the game show was that the men had been asked to provide:
- A flower
- A book
- A trinket
- A dress
- A song
...with the idea in mind that they were trying to pick each item in an effort to show that they knew me best.

I was then presented with the five flowers, five books etc and had to pick one of each that I felt most represented me and my tastes.

Then if it happened that any man did not get any of his items picked he was automatically out of the competition. Following me so far?

I can remember clear as day picking out my items:
- Dyed mauve Gerberas
- Persuasion by Jane Austen
- A pewter bookmark with a ruby and Angel pendant
- A duck egg blue dress in a similar style to the red dress that Julia Roberts wears when she goes to the opera in Pretty Woman.
- Colours by Amos Lee

And every item I picked had been presented by one man... a man who seemingly knew me more than I knew myself...

So heavy red curtains opened to reveal four rejected men, I could not see their faces but I FELT that they were people I had known. Then I had to walk down the grand staircase to meet this magical mysterious man, dressed in a tux holding out a bouquet of mauve gerberas.

And just as his face was about to come in to focus, to reveal my soul mate... I woke up!

Absolutely typical! :) xx


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  2. It makes me wonder if anybody knows me better than I know myself. I do know that many of my tastes have changed over the years, so picking out a single book or song may not work for me- but I like the idea of the game. Perhaps you should go to bed early to see if your dream can pick up where it left off.


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