Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Musings - G for Get yourself in order...

No one keeps their USB memory device all neat and organised, if you say you do you are lying or completely anal and clearly have too much time on your hands. My memory stick, my external HD as my netbook calls it, is a disgrace.

Photos are misfiled all over the place meaning that there are potentially several copies of the same ones.
I have a folder for each project I am working on yet most of them are still empty because I haven’t gotten around to filing all my project bits in them.

Every time get a new computer or laptop (I seem to kill them on a regular basis) I simply copy all the ‘my documents’ into a folder on my HD and label it OLD LAPTOP or TO SORT. I currently have three to sorts, an old laptop and a ‘FROM NETTY’.

I have this fear though, however irrational, about sorting out my stuff. Because I know that I will remember that I once had a certain about of dedication to my writing, my blog, my life… I will read through my musings and laugh, and then feel sad because I am no longer funny. Sigh. I will look at how I used to love documenting my existence, my dreams and how I was so readily inspired.
When I first started my blog I had grit and depth… now I am falling asleep by 9pm.

I used to write a diary, once a week, summing up what had happened in the last seven days. It WAS humorous! It WAS a good read! But back then I had interesting things to say. I had wit, damn it. I would put aside the time to write 600 words on what had occurred and I loved doing it.

Now I have to put time aside to remember to make a packed lunch for an almost one year old.
SO… to the point of this post… I am reinstating the diary! It might not be every week but I am gonna give it a try.

So let me start in a format that always warmed me to follow…
This (last) week has been about three things…
1. Falling all over again for one quarter of McFly
2. Walking in the sunshine and feeling marvellous for it
3. Worrying about the fact that there are only poor schools near our house.

And my advice for next week… Love thy neighbour for if they move they may just sell to someone really horrible.

And get that memory stick in order!
:) xx

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