Thursday, 3 November 2011

Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (3rd November 2011)

A day in the life of your pet... how bad do they have it?
So my pooch is a three year old female Border Terrier called Rohan Galadriel Redmond (we are big LOTR fans), official Kennel Club name 'Sweet Little Tinkerbell' (not our doing!).

Here is a day in the life of her...

So today I figured, you know, I'd have a little sleep in but then her alarm went off, the baby chortled through the monitor and his snoring kicked it up a notch. So I dig my claws in his back and steal her warm bit of pillow when she gets up to feed the kid.


I stay still and quiet under the covers as I listen to two blasts of the shower and chatter as the three of them dress and start to head down for breakfast. Today I am unlucky, they remember I'm here and dig my furry ass out of the duvet.

I stand on the doorstep looking out at the rain and then back at him; there is no chance I am peeing in this weather. I stalk pass them, tail wagging on it's own accord, and get in my own bed in the living room. It's not as comfy as a double but it does the trick.


I wake to a people free room, the tv is off so either they snook out or they are camped upstairs. I howl to get their attention and hear a weak 'Ro, shut up!' from somewhere. Good they didn't leave. I head in the direction of the voice having a drink and a sniff on my way and grabbing my toy as I do.

The kid is asleep. If I could jump in that cot, boy that fuzzy chicken would be mine. She is in the library room, stupid amount of books if you ask me. I wag the tail the way she likes it and get an ear tickle in return. I find the blanket laid out for the kid and flop down on it.

More sleep.

I wake as she gathers up the kid for lunch. Great, if I give them my sweetest smile I will get a bowl or two to lick. Score! It's beef and sweet potato. With a satisfied belly I beg with the toy for a few minutes before I waggle to the bed. The tv goes on, Vampire Diaries again. More of a Natural World fan myself.

Yawn, more sleep.

A dog's life is great. Half past five and he gets home. We stand on the doorstep again, nope still raining. I watch half interested and half disgusted as they eat chicken salad for tea. I wander to my bowl, dog food? Really? After a while I sigh dramatically and start on my chew.

More drivel on the tv but I put up with it as I get a bit of cuddle time. The kid yanks my ear, leg, collar, you name it but I secretly love it. I watch Supernatural, Glee and some UFC and before you know it it's eleven thirty.

We stand at the doorstep and it's still raining but I go out anyway before my insides burst. I watch the kids final bottle, watch them get in the bed and then I jump in. After a couple of minutes getting the pillow comfy and pushing them both to the edge of the bed I sigh contented.

And sleep...

:) xx

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