Friday, 4 June 2010

Diary - May 28th to June 3rd 2010

Diary – 28th May to 3rd June

This week has been about three things…
1. More dreams of a strange nature which included a Bounty Hunter and a pair of handcuffs,
2. Out with the old and in with the new,
3. Waiting for side effects that never really came. Phew.

Friday was the day we had our appointment with Assisted Conception to start my first course of IVF injections. Nervous Much! When we got there another couple were waiting to be seen, they had a pram with them with a sleeping two year old flopped inside. Now part of me thinks it’s slightly cruel to allow children into an area where infertile couples are likely to be milling but this time we were able to laugh as the nurse smiled at me and said “Here’s one we made earlier.” If anything was going to put me at ease; that did. We gave blood, got our prescription and then were given instructions on how to inject the hormone inhibiter into my stomach. The needle is huge! I didn’t realise it was going to be an actual syringe! I managed it though! I’m a big girl.

I was told that there would be a whole variety of side effects but other than feeling tired and a little ditzy I have been fine. It took my a few days to get used to injecting, and I can’t do it with Kieran watching ha ha, but by the end of the week I was an old pro. I decided it would be easier to build it into my breakfast routine so that I wouldn’t forget. So my morning consists of shower, dressed, kettle on, toast in, injection, make a cuppa, butter toast, food channel. Good times. I go back next Thursday to check my progress; fingers crossed.

I will at some point start an IVF diary log but with my new ditzy mind I haven’t really been able to focus myself on anything, but watch this space I promise.

The bank holiday weekend was spent either in the library or moving all my living room type belongings into the kitchen. It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated, okay stuff I have collected as I can’t really blame Kieran for any of it. It was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle to fit the bookshelves, the cupboard, the dvds, the books, the dog cage and the sofa’s next to the dining table but I did it and even manage to leave about a foot of space for us to squeeze through to get to the rest of the house. It was take away city though as I blocked off the cooker, oops. It was worth it though in preparation for Tuesday.

So Tuesday I had my long awaited new carpet fitted. With Rohan puppy trained and with having the money saved I was finally able to purchase a carpet without feeling premature or guilty for spending the money. It took the fitters about half an hour to fit it and looking at it I know the colour looks different at home than it did at the shop, and in all honestly it doesn’t match the room, but I love it anyway. It’s clean! Getting all the furniture back into the living room from the kitchen was the next drama but at least I got the chance to have a good tidy and a good sort out. Everything looks lovely now, back to feeling like a room I might want to spend time in. Rohan has been forbidden to enter with damp feet and Kieran has been warned too ha ha.

Wednesday I was back to work, obviously no one had done anything while I was off. Slackers. Good job I at least know what it going on!

Next week… I just plan to enjoy my treatment and raise my rock bottom hopes. Positive thinking, positive thinking!!!

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