Friday, 25 June 2010

Diary - June 18th to 24th 2010

Diary – 18th to 24th June

This week has been about three things…
1. Sedation at Seacroft for the sucking out of my eggs,
2. An England team that once again keeps the fans guessing,
3. Loosing my best friend.

Friday I had another scan and while my eggs are coming along nicely they wanted to see me Saturday morning. They then confirmed I had 17 eggs and a retrieval date of Tuesday 22nd of June!!!! ARGH!!!! All systems go now.

Later Saturday I went to see a film called Letters to Juliet. From the trailers and adverts that I had seen for it, I knew that it was going to be a light hearted romance that I could enjoy without feeling emotionally overwrought at the end of it. It was good. The storyline was fantastic and while they could have done so much more with it, what they did do was pleasant and well written.

The plot centred on the idea that women far and wide would visit the house of Juliet and leave her a letter pinned to the wall of the house asking her for romantic advice. Local women would then collect the letters each day and, as Juliet, write a response to each. Sophie, our main character, comes across a fifty year old letter and writes a reply. The woman who wrote the original letter, now sixty five years old, returns to Juliet’s House to heed Sophie’s advice and find the one true love that she abandoned all those years previous. The film is the journey that is taken to locate this man, as well as the journey of several hearts as Sophie finds her own true love. The only downfall it had was that, as usual, when an American made film has a young British male character in it they automatically try and make him Prince William. I will definitely buy the DVD though… I am a sucker for Romance.

Father’s Day came and went with the usual folks and in laws coming to visit. I didn’t really pay much attention as I was too busy counting the nervous hours down to when I was to take my late night injection. 8:30pm was to be my jabbing time! I managed it fine and promptly fell asleep on the sofa. While I can honestly say the last few weeks have flown by with little drama they have still been quite draining so I allow myself the odd cat nap. :)

Tuesday dawned and we headed to the Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine for our 7:45am appointment. I was soon stripped, gowned and the IV feeder was poked into my arm. It is amazing how vulnerable you feel without your makeup, knickers and wedding rings. A very pretty young nurse, which amused me no end, soon came to take all the men away to provide their samples. I was then taken into the treatment room where I was laid on the bed, legs in the air, feet strapped in and then sedated. Other than some vague moving about I remember nothing other than coming around next to Kieran, starving, and feeling like I had been riding a bicycle without a seat for a couple of weeks. I was soon up and out and home by lunch time. Not the drama I was expecting; if it doesn’t work this time I know I am strong enough to repeat the job.

The unit rang me early Wednesday morning to let me know that they had managed to retrieve 14 eggs and that a whopping 13 had fertilised! It was fantastic news as I was really expecting them all to fail. That is what you get with ‘Unexplained Infertility’, the expectation to fall at every hurdle. But we didn’t! We have 13 potential embryos to work with. They also informed be that Friday morning will be the day of my Embryo Transfer… the day where the work stops being done for me and it is up to my body to be welcoming enough for my two little dividing cells to want to stay for a while. Oooh fingers crossed!!!!

Next week… everything gets put back in my body!

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