Sunday, 13 June 2010

Diary - June 4th to 10th 2010

Diary – 4th to 10th June

This week has been about three things…
1. Realising that the human race sucks,
2. Returning to ACE and coming away with a pharmacy,
3. Doing what I love best… film watching.

This week started with doom and gloom.

Friday morning I left the house for work to find that during the night some fine example of the earth’s scum had smashed in the rear windscreen on my car. As I have no enemies that I know of and nothing from the car was taken, I can only deduce that this was an act of mindless vandalism. Don’t you just hate people? I posted photographs of my sorrowful Renault. The insurance company as usual didn’t really care about my plight but transferred me to their Autoglass company who informed me that nothing could be done until Sunday. As the photos clearly show my car is now open to the public so this was a little, no a lot, unacceptable.

It was even suggested to me that I cover the open window with Clingfilm??? What!!!?

Now being on my hormone injections means that I am not in my usual easy going state of mind, in fact I was an emotional wreck, so my lovely husband got on the case. He rang the insurance company back to inform them that the car was going to be stolen. His sarcasm worked wonders as my car got a garage for the day and night and was returned to fully windowed order by 8am on Saturday morning. :) All I have to fear now is my renewal quote!

Saturday afternoon me and the friend went to see Street Dance 3D. I wasn’t expecting much which was wrong because it was great. Not quite sure why it needed 3D and the lead character’s Leeds accent was a little grating (says the woman born 18 miles down the road), and the male ballet dancer had a weird shaped head, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story worked well, if a little try hard, and from start to finish I was willing them to win, which for me is always a good sign. I also got to keep my 3D glasses for future showings though I realised afterwards that the privilege has cost me a pound!

Sunday I found and made my Existence all fancy – what do you think?

I also got to watch Daybreakers this week. It felt like I had been waiting years for it to come to DVD. Being an Ethan Hawke fan since 1991 I am always excessively keen to see his offerings. He had a few strange years in the middle (Gattaca, cough) but he pulled me back in with Training Day. The film was excellent. It catered both to my Vampire and Hawke obsessions. It was well scripted, filmed and one I can definitely see me watching over and over again. He also had his floppy hair back which has and always will do strange things to my toes. :)

Thursday saw the return to ACE (Assisted Conception) where I was given an entire carrier bag filled with injections. No exaggeration, a literal carrier bag full. I now have to take two per day. One to stop my hormones and one to give them back. I had to go on my own this time; Kieran was tied up at work, which I didn’t quite like. The nurse I had this time was also a little ‘flippant’ which doesn’t help when I am nervous, my hormones are all over the place, and she is telling me that in less than two weeks a guy with a big needle will be sucking out my eggs. It will be worth it, it will be worth it!

Next week… I get to go on the magic chair more times than I find good for my sanity.


  1. Lol yea sometimes the human race... not so good. I broke up with a girl this week who told me I was really selfish and was never going to find anybody if I kept being so selfish. Is it selfish of me to think I made the right decision? Lol oh man. Damn human race.

  2. You get worse, ha ha. Too much sun in Miami? :) x

  3. I typically agree about the human race... Occasionally, they surprise me though.


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