Friday, 2 April 2010

Diary - March 26th to April 1st 2010

Diary – Mar 26th to Apr 1st

This week has been about three things…
1. Funerals and Ten Pin Bowling (Yeah, an odd combination),
2. The long awaited return to work,
3. Feeling that overwhelming need to be anywhere else but here.

Friday dawned with an early start Taunton bound. The Redmond funeral was to take place at 3pm, 450 miles away. I never got to meet Kieran’s Nan, she had been ill for a very long time and had been unable to comprehend her soundings for a great many years. She passed away a frightened little girl in her eighties and while it is sad that she has gone at least the Redmonds can feel comforted that she had had enough of this mortal coil. The funeral was simple and fast, a hippy vicar, an English Country Garden and off to the pub afterwards. There was a pint of Guinness to be had in honour of Albert ‘Danny’ Redmond who had been sat for over 10 years in his urn waiting for his wife to join him for their scattering.

At the end of the day, far from home and with nothing to do but sit in the grotty Travel Lodge, we decided to head to the Ten Pin Bowling place that we could view from our window. Despite the overall tone of the day we had fun. Family bonding was plentiful. We had a two year old playing with us, she came second though I think having the barriers up gave her an unfair advantage. We had been playing for a while and it was her turn once more but as I turned to her she said to me in the oldest world wise voice with a sigh…

“But I just want to sit down.” For her first ever full sentence I thought it was exceedingly chuckle worthy. Ha ha.

Kieran also started his new job this week. So far he loves it but due to the Easter holidays he has ended up with a three day week and a four day next week. Talk about being eased in gently, ha ha. The relief that he is working is so immense that I don’t think I could write about it just yet. I am still digesting the idea that I might not loose my house after all.

(Other than the signs) there are a few things that caught my attention this week:
• I love you, Beth Cooper
• Realising I write my capital Bs in Buffy font
• The big crack in my car windscreen
• I am no longer afraid of the big wigs
• Toffee Apple flavoured chocolate is absolutely awful
• Richard Boehmcke is hilarious… google him!

Wednesday night yielded my first exam prep lesson. I need it! There are only three weeks to go! Even though it was the Easter break the college stayed open just for our class; it was very eerie to be the only ones in the building and get to leave through the back door. Shiver.

I was also challenged to write a poem. Which I did! I have published it further down in my blog. I was given the title ‘My Other Life’ and if you scrolled down you can read it. I would love feedback if you are willing to give it but as I am still convinced that no one ever reads my blog I won’t be waiting on it.

Next week… I intend to purchase my domain.

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