Saturday, 17 April 2010

Diary - April 9th to 15th 2010

Diary - 9th to 15th Apr

This week has been about three things…
1. Consenting to the next chapter in my life
2. Showering an unborn baby with books
3. Being productive on a Saturday (this is rare – usually it’s the pub and then American Idol repeats)

Saturday saw sun, shearing and supervising. While the husband and the father tried to pull out the old starter motor to install the new I supervised my mother while she weeded my garden. Don’t feel sorry for her, she loves it. Weeding my garden while I stand and watch is how it has always been and how it shall always come to pass. The sun was finally out, hinting at a little spring, which cleansed the soul somewhat. Late afternoon we took Rohan to get a hair cut, 3 hours worth, and while we waited the mother and I wandered around the garden centre where she conned me into letting her buy me a handbag. It’s beautiful, green as always.

The working week started with our visit to the Assisted Conception Unit, ACE for short. We spent over an hour and a half signing form after form, consenting to all the various stages that come with having your offspring mixed in a pot. It’s all very exciting. Not too sure about the injection induced menopause but I figure whatever they throw at me now is going to be nothing compared to actual labour. Strangely I find this comforting… remind me I said that (hopefully) in a years time. I now have a vague timetable of what will be happening when and what I need to do. I might even start another blog segment about it, if only to keep me sane.

Also, one of my close friends is due to have her baby in two weeks, if she doesn’t explode before hand as she is huge, so we had a surprise baby shower. All very American but it was nice to have a get together. The mother of the one about to be a mother had the lovely idea that we all bring our childhood favourite book as a gift. It went down a storm! Chubba, the yet to be seen addition (I do hope that name doesn’t stick), now has enough books to last 0 through to 5 years. My choice was “Where’s Spot?” as “Phoebe and the Hot Water Bottles” is out of print. I do fear that having over 900 books myself means that my children are going to inherit my reading / collecting bug. Worse things I suppose, ha ha, they could inherit the big hair and buck teeth. Thank heaven for straighteners and braces. :)

Next week… it will be all I can do not to yawn.

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