Sunday, 11 April 2010

Diary - April 2nd to 8th 2010

Diary – 2nd to 8th Apr

This week has been about three things...
1. Being chauffer to the family unit – should have put the meter on!
2. The next step!
3. Wearing my 3D glasses once more while stuffing (literally) my face with popcorn.

Easter weekend… and the weather was blah. We spent Friday in the Eureka. This is the well known children’s museum that just happens to be in my home town. We took a niece and a nephew and they loved it. The next three days were spent slothing, reading, blogging and film watching. We went to see Clash of the Titans which I have reviewed already in a previous post. It was nice to have some time to recharge. I even had time to go to the library. I did wait around all week for someone to get in touch but they didn’t so I am a little upset… I can’t always be the one to do the running.

Part way through the week our truck, Grace (have I mentioned her? LR Defender 90?) broke down. She is a money pit but she got me around in the three months of snow so I begrudgingly open the purse strings for repairs. A new starter motor was needed which was ordered and now awaits its installation. In the mean time I am chauffer to a sleepy husband and a giddy pup. I don’t mind; driving out of town means that I get some me time on the journey back in.

On the subject of vehicles my parents got themselves a new car, not brand new – a couple of years old, but new to them. It’s a Suzuki and the colour is Galactic Grey. It is lovely but as it’s not me mother’s choice I know she will find something or other wrong with it, ha ha. My father drove me and Rohan around the block in it. Twas fun.

I also got a letter from the hospital; this is really the big news of the week. Last August I was put on the IVF waiting list with the proviso that I / We would be waiting ten to twelve months until the procedure. This week I got notification that I will be starting treatment in May. That is only three weeks away! My excitement outweighs my trepidation, just. To think that by the end of June I might be pregnant, it’s unbelievable. I am more worried that I might hope too much but then I fear that I might hope too little. I hear good things though, people are always telling me success stories. I was told a hilarious yet frightening story about a sperm mix up but I wont go into that, lets just say if my kids come out any colour than pasty white Kieran is not gonna be pleased.

But it’s a good thing. Being infertile is a bitch but moving forward to the next step is productive and it has been such a long time since I have had anything to look forward to that I am going to jump in with both feet. Motherhood here I come! Fingers and toes crossed!

Next week… will be all about fixing things.

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