Friday, 23 April 2010

Diary - April 16th to 22nd 2010

Diary – 16th to 22nd Apr

This week has been about three things…
1. Solving crimes with an over weight half Jewish librarian,
2. Setting slimming goals of a competitive nature,
3. Listening to the vain bantering of others (says the woman who dishes out her diary on a weekly basis).

Saturday again saw me in the library but as the day was absolutely beautiful I checked out my books and headed to The Piece Hall. This is a building built in the late 1700s, in central Halifax, where people would bring their items, pieces, to sell. I don’t know a great deal of its history, which is shocking considering it is a huge part of the history of a town I have lived in almost all my life. I will research. Anyway, I bought a coffee, found a bench and sat for a couple of hours until my friend came to meet me. I got a little stiff and a little sunburnt but it was worth it. For I was reading an Ian Sansom novel…

Ian Sansom is someone, I admit, I had never read before but I took a chance and took out all three of his books that were available. ‘The Mobile Library’ series is a set of novels about a fantastic character (and he is a complete and utter character!) called Israel Armstrong. A hapless librarian who finds himself in Northern Ireland and embroiled in a series of unfortunate events that literally had me laughing out loud as I sat with my coffee and my bench in my public arena. I recommend them whole heartedly as I have not been this entertained in a very long time. Israel is the type of well rounded character that you almost feel you know outside of the written page on which he exists; someone you would say ‘Howdy’ to in the street with a smile but then wonder afterwards where you knew him from. Plus with Israel being twenty nine and having mad curly hair, a dry sense of humour and a craze for books…well… he could be my ideal man.

The rest of the week has gone by in a blur of deadlines, coursework, stressing, chauffeuring (still) and trying to stay wake. I have read when I should be working, rushed when I need to be calm and wanted to punch those whom I should view with authority. Same old, same old really.

Sardonic eyebrow raisingly - I got a new boss. Previous employment included working for NASA! In the four hours I spent in his company (the entire week!) he seemed an okay chap if a little talkative… about himself… a lot. He was off sick towards the end of the week, hopefully not from overindulging on his own hype. Oh and guess what; I have also been told that Friday I will be moving offices again. This is turning into a once a month trend. Not only is it ridiculous but it is turning into a bit of a farce. If my Harry Potter figure has to move one more time I fear he will do something drastic with that little wand of his (the spell binding one; I think he is like a Ken doll in the other respect).

Next week… I intend to purchase every Sansom novel that has to offer, which is all of them as rare luck would have it. :)

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