Friday, 28 September 2012

Holiday - Day 7: Warkworth Castle and Oreo Ice Cream

As the sun decided to keep shining today we headed off for a little English Heritage. Northumberland is littered with Castles and so we thought for the last day what would be better than to walk the ruins.

We bypassed Alnwick for Warkworth Castle. The original home of the Percy family who debunked to Alnwick in their later generations.

Even though a lot of this castle is made up of crumbled walls and greener than green grassy areas you could still get a feel of what it would have been like to ride up to the gates on your stead and wait to be permitted entrance. The tower and the architecture in general took you back, made you long for the pride and glory of simpler times.

After the castle we moved on Amble for a spot of Harbour lunch and an Oreo Cookie Ice Cream from a specialist Dairy Farm. How can you not love a farm shop that sells only ice cream and has photographs of their cows on the walls... Like I said above, pride and glory ha ha.

It feels sad that this is our final day, there is just no appeal to go home... Maybe if I lived in a Castle... :) xx

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