Sunday, 23 September 2012

Holiday - Day 2: Bamburgh...

Our first official day of holiday outings!

We chose Bamburgh after reading it had a lovely village and a castle. This has to be the most impressive castle I have ever seen!! I can take or leave Edinburgh Castle, I found it to be a busy courtyard of rude tourists, but Bamburgh... I was awed.

It is literally built into the mountain! And you can have your wedding here, imagine that! Unfortunately Rohan was not allowed into the grounds so we wandered around the outside taking far too many photographs before we headed into the village.

On the way back to the house we drove through Alnwick so that I could get a glimpse of Hogwarts ha ha. We decided not to go in but to wait until Katharine is old enough to appreciate its history and its current Potter fame.

We are going to start a list of MUST SEES and in a couple of years start ticking off the ones that Katharine views. :) xx

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