Monday, 24 September 2012

Holiday - Day 3: Berwick weather not permitting...

The sun has taken a day off. We are Yorkies, we don't mind the cold but when you are trying to look around a holiday town filled with shops and the fine rain just will not let up... It makes you miserable.

We did manage to find a restaurant that allowed Rohan in and the decor was warm and friendly which was what we were longing for. But when the bill was over £50 for sandwiches, scones and coffee we almost wished we had eaten fish and chips in the car.

We headed back to our beautiful house where we played games and giggles with Katharine who loved having everyone's attention.

Rohan loved it too, much better than cold paws on cold cobbles.

Tomorrow we pray for a return of the sun but the weather forecast doesn't look too promising. :) xx

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