Monday, 2 January 2012

Photo - By Candle...

You know in the movies when someone is sat working with only a single candle for illumination yet they manage to have the whole room shining in a golden romantic glow... LIES!

This morning with have had a power cut. Luckily the baby had been fed her bottle but sadly the husband was half way through his shower. Me, my eyes don't work too good in the dark so my morning thus far has been lit by my flashlight iPhone app.

My point or lack of in this post is that we are sat in the living room with the curtains open to the dawn, are surrounded by nine flicking candles (all differing scents which is odd) yet the house is still in almost complete darkness.

If this is the end of the world then I'm screwed, how am I supposed to straighten my hair!? :) xx

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