Thursday, 12 January 2012

Musings - Mama Kat's Workshop (12th January 2012)

Many of us like to poke fun at some of the things that drive us crazy as parents... let's flip the script, what are the 10 things you love about motherhood?

Tomorrow Katharine will turn nine months and one week old, she will also at some point during the day give me a look that suggests I did or said something stupid. But I love it. In fact, as if by magic, here are 10 things that I love about being Katharine's mother...

1. That stretch she does first thing in a morning and the smile that follows it when she opens her eyes and spots that it's me interrupting her zzzzzs.

2. Having an excuse to buy more books, children's books of course. :)

3. Trying to get her to chant Mummy instead of Daddy and then raising an eye brow when she calls me Stacy!

4. Holding the sleep growbag to my face when it is still warm from her little sweaty wriggly body ha ha.

5. Katharine's expression when the fruit is too tart.

6. Watching the dog get excited when she rolls Katharine the ball and Katharine finally learns to kick it back.

7. Enjoying all the firsts; tastes, sightings, crawls, climbs...

8. Chasing her around the double bed to put her nappy on while she squeals at being chased.

9. Seeing that recognition when she greets me at the door after work.

10. Laughing at the baby dancing that accompanies the slightest bit of music be it songs, advertisement jingles or mobile phone ringtones.

What? I reached 10 already??? I could go on for ever.

Well... may be not forever... the let's yank Mummy's hair move is not one of my favourites. :)

So are you a parent? What are the things that make your day?

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  1. I love #1 b/c Zaid wakes and says good morning with his eyes closed. I'm giggling at #2 b/c he calls me Mommy but every now and again he'll call daddy (Carlos) Carla. And really, nothing beats #10. I love that he can make up his own songs or catch on to a beat and yell "get it, mommy." I hadn't realized how often I said that when we dance, but he picked up on it so now, especially when he knows the song, there are shouts in the car of, "get down, Carla!"

  2. It's wonderful being a mom, no doubt!

  3. That is a lovely list and she is a lovely girl! I am dealing with 12 and 15 year olds now, so I am in a whole different place, but I continue to (in the face of yelling, sarcasm, and other stuff) treasure the little moments, the talks in the car, the birds eye view of seeing them turn into the adults they will be someday. Once my son starts brushing his teeth, of course!

  4. I love #6 (I'm a sucker for dogs and babies!) and #10 because our sons firs dance moves for a song that struck him was for the song "Macho Man" by The Village People. Still makes me laugh and it's been 16 years! Thanks for posting, I enjoyed your list!


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