Thursday, 1 December 2011

Musings - Mama Kats Workshop (1st December 2011)

Wanna have some writing fun? Check out!

Today Mama Kat is asking us about ourselves, asking for a list of this and that and those and them. So here goes...

5 Things you don't know about me...
* I have a new celebrity crush every other week.
* My favourite flower is anything shaped like a daisy.
* I got married in an ivory dress but wore pink shoes. :)
* As a teenager I had so many posters on my  bedroom walls that there was not an inch of wallpaper visible.
* I write with my left hand but do everything else with my right.

5 Things I am knowledgeable about...
* How to make the perfect Mocha Coffee without the use of a fancy machine.
* The art of reading even in the most distracting of places.
* Film trivia... who starred in what and the nonsence and what not.
* Okay... I am struggling with this one?
* And this one! I will no doubt think of something in the wee hours and think darn it! :)

5 Things I know nothing about...
* The art of fly fishing.
* Tuning a guitar even though I claim to play one.
* Politics (and I am not even going to try).
* The appeal of Brad Pitt. I just dont get it!
* The engine of my car, I have a husband for that... right?

5 Things I believe...
* Our lives are merely following a pre-determined path.
* That while I grew my baby, the Angel Gabriel nurtured her soul.
* The egg came before the chicken.
* I am a reincarnated soul and I have been 'here' many times before.
* That Great Britian is sadly going to the dogs.

So that's me... :) xx


  1. Hey, I can read absolutely anywhere, too! And, now I have a Kindle app on my new smart phone. I LOVE It!!

  2. Oh gosh, yes. Car engines - I am clueless! And my brain also hold film trivia like you wouldn't believe.

  3. I believe in reincarnation too!

  4. Great Britian going to the dogs? It does seem, that way, huh?

  5. * The art of reading even in the most distracting of places.

    LOVE this one - I too can read just about anywhere!

  6. I, too, write with my left, but do absolutely everything else with my right. It makes my husband nervous. And I can/will/do read just about anywhere as well! Books are hard habits to break ;)

  7. Re: Brad Pitt: Have you seen A River Runs Through It? That might help explain his appeal. Even my dad said "Wow. That is one attractive man" when we saw it together. And that was very uncharacteristic of him!!!

    And a good book can hold my interest in any circumstances!!!

    Thanks for the visit earlier!

  8. It's funny that I can read in any situation outside of my home. If there's too much going on around me at home, I end up reading the same line over and over. It drives me crazy!


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