Wednesday, 28 July 2010

MOTW - Ashton Kutcher

I might have mentioned before, but for the past ten years I have nominated a Man Of The Week. It is a silly pointless game but one that has provided entertainment and, well, is now a tradition.

I have decided that as well as listing my MOTW I am now going to do a feature post on each.

This week, as you can see, my MOTW is the lovely Ashton Kutcher. After watching 'Valentine's Day' and finding his to be the best character, I did a little digging in my box of DVDs and came up with three excellent examples of AK on screen.

- A Lot Like Love - along side Amanda Peet.
- What Happens In Vegas - with Cameron Diaz
- The Guardian - taking advice from Kevin Costner

Now that he has passed his days of trying to locate is car, Dude, he has blossomed and become quite a good watch. 'Personal Effects' is one of his latest which I will report on asap.

So... what do you think, is he worthy of the MOTW status? Who would be your choice?

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