Friday, 23 July 2010

Diary - July 16th to 22nd 2010

Diary – 16th to 22nd July

This week has been about three things…
1. Painting layer upon layer before realising it was the light, not the paint that was tricking me into seeing patches!
2. Digging out some old Romantic Comedies in a renewed DVD fest,
3. Cutting out carbs but sneaking my CoCo Moons and Stars. Sshh!

If you have seen the lovely photographs that I posted earlier in the week, then you will know that this weekend, for me, consisted of painting my kitchen and getting giddy on the fumes. Kieran as predicted avoided the paint like it was the plague and hid outside, come rain or shine, with my father and Grace. That left me and the Matriarch with our rollers and tin of Berry Brulee. For the first couple of layers I hated it. It just seemed so dark compared to the previous Lilac which on closer inspection was more white wallpaper peeping through than emulsion wash. Seven years ago when we first did it, well, we were rubbish!

Once the Berry Brulee started to dry and after we realised we were not going to need twelve layers, I decided it could stay. All we, I, need to do now is finish off the paintwork in a bright white gloss and make sure that the room stays tidy. I managed to have a bit of a sort out of the cupboards meaning I can hide a lot of things which always help. Just need to educate the husband into keeping it tidy too. Ha ha never gonna happen! :)

Monday I had my appraisal at work which was bizarre but it would appear I am at least good at my job. I need however not to be so focused on what I am doing, you know, I need to do other peoples jobs too. :) Which is what I did in the afternoon and ordered around £2000 worth of stationery and furniture. If it was up to me the tutors would get a whiteboard pen and a pack of Blu-Tac. But its not up to me, so I ordered everything on the requested list then rejoiced in the managers somewhat strangled expression at the forthcoming dent in her budget.

I have also being doing the low carbs diet which has been hard due to my love of rice and cake. But I lost two pounds in half a week so something about it must be working. My ally at work who has been trying to lose wait with me is now off on a cruise for the summer. We have made a pact to see who can lose the most weight before August 20th. I am quite competitive so I am going to give it my best shot (forgetting the Thursday night Chinese Buffet) and see if I can do it. I need to lose weight anyway, those hormones bloated me up something rotten. Grrrr.

A couple of years ago when Kieran had to leave the house and house and a half before I did I used to watch a film or a TV programme episode. While he was off work I didn’t get the chance and now he is working we leave at the same time. So this week while he was out on his Rohan walks I dug out one of my favourite Romantic Comedies. I watched ‘A Lot Like Love’ which is a fantastic movie with Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet. Ashton is surprisingly endearing and by the time the credits scroll every female watching can’t help but be in love with him. He has rightly won his place as Man of the Week.

Next week… I am going to try and be inspired with my camera in one pocket and notebook in the other.

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