Sunday, 12 August 2012

Review - Batman Part 3...

I went to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ because Tom Hardy was in it.

I’m honest at least! I was conscious that his face would be covered the whole 165 minutes and bar about three seconds it was; but I am a die Hardy fan (get it?) and let’s face it… his face might have been hidden but those muscles were not.

And you know what? He was out done. I went for Tom but was bowled over by Joseph. But before I wax lyrical about young JGL…

As an ending to the trilogy this film was immense. I never get to use that word on a day to day basis but in a one word summary that is it… IMMENSE!

The score, the visual effects, the acting (minus Christian Bale – wooden as ever), Anne’s bottom and the twists of the story kept you so entertained that the three hours (including trailers; I quite fancy going to see ‘Lincoln’) flew by. I love my action and I was not disappointed. I was not expecting such a poignant ending either but it worked. The whole thing worked and without revealing any spoilers I have to demand / scream / chant… that was so a hint at another movie!!!!

So, Joseph Gordon-Levitt… I know him of old; at university we had a poster of him up in our bathroom. His wee self would grin at you the whole time you were in there. He saw some sights, owes all our fathers a few goats. And he grow up FINE! And he can act! The last thing I saw him in was ‘500 Days of Summer’ which was fantastic though it did not offer him up as Man of The Week potential. In TDNR he was phenomenal (see another of those big out of the norm words), intense, emotional, charming, buffer than usual and he utterly stole any scene he was in.

He definitely has MOTW contender status.

Overall I would highly recommend the film; even if you haven’t seen the first two you can always back track when you get home.

Score, hmm… 8/10. A little more facial offering from Tom might have gained those extra points. Ha ha. :) xx

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