Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Musings - Trifecta Weekday Challenge (WRETCHED)

I find myself once again enticed and excited at the idea of taking part in my second Trifecta writing challenge. This week we are tasked with the third definition of the word WRETCHED with the only rule being a word count between 33 and 333.


wretched adjective
3: being or appearing mean, miserable, or contemptible

Having being inspired by the last challenge I decided to continue with the same idea but I have jumped ahead from a first meeting to a final one.

Here is my response to this challenge...

I was driving him away, an actress centre stage, a play of spiteful harsh reality.

I was an unsolicited force, allowing him no time to breathe, to catch his thoughts. I was the appearing blooded sword to his pierced and bleeding heart.

Cruelty in human form, devoid of the comfort that I was being kind, I wore the contemptible pitted cloak of misdirection. I pushed with all my being except my traitorous groping heart.

He was vivid light to the obscurity of my existence, this shadowed path not of my choosing; the cobbled crippling alleyway paved with the unspeakables of which I could not taint him with. Would not…

He was the last vestige of my humanity; without him I would not survive.

Yet without me would be his only chance.

We both acknowledged the motivation for my closing performance but only I had the understanding. Only I saw no future in the carnage of the last good man.

Dejection, rejection and the consequenting anger hung in the air like the rich aroma of a burning Macchiato blend, overpowering in bitterness and misery.

The damaged fragments of my hollowed soul revelled in the renewed hardness of his eyes, time returned to our first union when his only sensation was to be hunter to my prey.

My wretchedness was his out, his escape; connection withered as intended.

For to love me would be his undoing.

To let him would be mine.

(Check out the challenge for yourself, there is some amazing writing taking place at http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/)

:) xx


  1. Really beautiful. The classic dilemma of choice: Who gets ruined?

    1. I think I might have to keep going with these two and see where they take me. :) xx

  2. My favorite line was "I was the appearing blooded sword to his pierced and bleeding heart." It's like these characters are playing out a scene with predetermined outcomes.


    1. I most enjoyed writing 'pitted cloak of misdirection'. These two characters know where they have been and where they are going... I just hope they tell me, ha ha. :) xx

  3. Thanks for joining up with us, Redwriter. I love the analogy of the actress on the stage and the 'closing performance' was very clever. I hope they tell you where they are going too, as I'm keen to find out what happens next.

    Hope you can join us for the weekend challenge.


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