Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Musings - PART 2 Year of Adventure...

Tonight we concluded PART 2 of our Year of Adventure, we crossed February off our list.

The stage was set at The Viaduct Theatre and Shakespeare was on the cards. Love's Labour's Lost...

The venue is underground in the archways of the town's old viaducts and has kept some of its character in the damp stone and rumblings from the traffic overhead.

The players were dressed to impress and impress they did with their fast witted words and generous humour. As a huge fan of Shakespeare I loved it. The Northern Broadsides were the cast for the evening and earned every clap of their applause.

It was a fantastic night which has tired me out but it has played a very wonderful part in putting February on our map. :) xx

- Posted in bed with a sleepy smile.

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