Friday, 25 March 2011

Observation - My Father's Conversations...

Where my parents live is a very family orientated neighbourhood. There are quite a lot of children and over the years while out in the garden my father has had some priceless conversations with them.

One day my father was DIYing and hit his hand, "Flipping Heck!" he swore not realising that the 4 year old next door was stood watching him. She gasped and ran to her mum saying, "Mum, Fred just swore! He said 'Flick A Leg'". Hilarious and of course for the last 15 years that has now been the mantra in their house if anything goes wrong. :)

Last week my father was washing their car on his driveway and noticed that 2 small children were watching him.
Child 1: Mister, What are you doing?
Father: Washing my car.
Child 2: Oh.
Father: (indicating the water pooling on the floor) Don't play in the water will you.
Child 1: We won't. We would get told off.
Child 2: Don't you slip in it mister.
Father: I won't.

2 minutes later...
Father: What are you doing in that water!?
Child 1: Washing my trainers.

Kids. :)

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