Thursday, 31 March 2011

Musings - Following advice and being inspired by others.

Last night I read a blog post by The Jack B (give it a read yourself) and decided to give his advice some serious thought. I really need to get on with my blogging life and get some interesting posts posted. So today I have been looking at what others have to offer.

For a while now I have been following bethan-no-y but have never really given much thought as to how entertaining she is. And she is, very much so. I have spent the last hour re-reading her blog and being somewhat inspired. Without stealing her ideas I have found that she has been taking part in a 30 day song and book challenge where she details a list of each that fall under certain criteria. It got me thinking.

Now it is a big challenge for me, at the moment, to sit / think / write about 30 songs and 30 books but I am going to give it a go if for no other reason than to follow Jack B's advice and get my creative juices flowing.

It will give me something to focus on in the coming days of impending induced labour and the fear of motherhood.

Thanks Guys. :) x

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