Friday, 5 August 2011

Musings - Where has all the water gone...

I have mentioned before that we have a lovely local walk around Ogden Water, a reservoir that is both beautiful and bewitching.

Our favourite time to walk around it is the winter when the woods and leaves are covered in snow and the water has an icy crust. Ogden in spring and summer is amazing too but there is something breathtaking about the landscape being peacefully wrapped in a graceful white blanket.

Two weekends ago we walked around it,  in the height of summer; Katharine's first trip. :)

We were shocked at how low the water was, it would seem that even here in Yorkshire, amongst the summer hail and the thunder showers, we have a drought. The photograph highlights how low the water is, water that usually reaches the treeline.

It was a hot day, full of biting insects and wandering families. After walking the one and a quarter miles around it we figured we deserved the ice cream we snaffled from the Mr Softy van. Katharine being asleep, and obviously too young, missed out but we'll owe her one. :) xx

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