Wednesday 29 February 2012

Musings - PART 2 Year of Adventure...

Tonight we concluded PART 2 of our Year of Adventure, we crossed February off our list.

The stage was set at The Viaduct Theatre and Shakespeare was on the cards. Love's Labour's Lost...

The venue is underground in the archways of the town's old viaducts and has kept some of its character in the damp stone and rumblings from the traffic overhead.

The players were dressed to impress and impress they did with their fast witted words and generous humour. As a huge fan of Shakespeare I loved it. The Northern Broadsides were the cast for the evening and earned every clap of their applause.

It was a fantastic night which has tired me out but it has played a very wonderful part in putting February on our map. :) xx

- Posted in bed with a sleepy smile.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Musings - Trifecta Weekday Challenge (WRETCHED)

I find myself once again enticed and excited at the idea of taking part in my second Trifecta writing challenge. This week we are tasked with the third definition of the word WRETCHED with the only rule being a word count between 33 and 333.


wretched adjective
3: being or appearing mean, miserable, or contemptible

Having being inspired by the last challenge I decided to continue with the same idea but I have jumped ahead from a first meeting to a final one.

Here is my response to this challenge...

I was driving him away, an actress centre stage, a play of spiteful harsh reality.

I was an unsolicited force, allowing him no time to breathe, to catch his thoughts. I was the appearing blooded sword to his pierced and bleeding heart.

Cruelty in human form, devoid of the comfort that I was being kind, I wore the contemptible pitted cloak of misdirection. I pushed with all my being except my traitorous groping heart.

He was vivid light to the obscurity of my existence, this shadowed path not of my choosing; the cobbled crippling alleyway paved with the unspeakables of which I could not taint him with. Would not…

He was the last vestige of my humanity; without him I would not survive.

Yet without me would be his only chance.

We both acknowledged the motivation for my closing performance but only I had the understanding. Only I saw no future in the carnage of the last good man.

Dejection, rejection and the consequenting anger hung in the air like the rich aroma of a burning Macchiato blend, overpowering in bitterness and misery.

The damaged fragments of my hollowed soul revelled in the renewed hardness of his eyes, time returned to our first union when his only sensation was to be hunter to my prey.

My wretchedness was his out, his escape; connection withered as intended.

For to love me would be his undoing.

To let him would be mine.

(Check out the challenge for yourself, there is some amazing writing taking place at

:) xx

Monday 27 February 2012

MOTW - The Boy's Hardy...

As you know I am a fan of all things movie, all things beefy and all actors that I can class as my Man of The Week.

Well, for the last few weeks my MOTW has gained that status by a narrow margin, that is there have been several contenders but non have really made a fantastic impact. These men have not earned the glory but more stumbled upon it because nothing greater has come along.

Yesterday afternoon, lazy Sunday... I witnessed the greatness that so far much of 2012 had been lacking.

Yesterday I watched 'Warrior'.

Yesterday a tiny bit of me fell in love with Tom Hardy.

Not only is he one of the most versatile actors around at the moment but he is home British grown and absolutely mesmerising to watch. His character in the film was conflicted, violent yet vulnerable and Tom played him with such majestic force that it was hard to take your eyes from him when ever he appeared on screen.

Brains and brawn in a package of outstanding talent; so far he is MOTW without a doubt.

Let's just hope he can hold on until Saturday when the final decision has to be made.

What do you think, is he worthy? :) xx

Posted while the husband tries to get the offspring to sleep...

Sunday 26 February 2012

Musings - Trifecta Writing Challenge (33 Word Picture Response)

This week I came across a fantastic website,, and decided to take part in their weekend writing challenge...

'For this weekend's Trifextra Challenge, we are asking for a 33-word response to the picture below. Make what you will of it; there are no rules. Poetry, prose, comedy, drama--just give us 33 words, on the button. Have fun with it.'

 And as I love a challenge here is my response...
Colombian brown eyes, watched, Machiavellian, unnerving. I fixed instead upon the prop premeditated to expose me. He had traced me, caught me; his mind convinced but his evidence deficient. My escape was vital.
Now, why don't you visit the site and see what others have wrote and may be even join in yourself. :) xx

Saturday 25 February 2012

Musings - Statement...

I live pretty much on the doorstep of a supermarket and by pretty much I mean if I lean forward over my garden gate and look left I can see the neon sign.

It is so convenient... But today I got my bank statement for the month and there are no less than 22 instances where I have popped in for something we don't necessarily need yet I figure it's easy so why not.

I am going to be bankrupt all because I have to nosy at what is on offer! But I have decided that from now until the end of March I am going to limit my visits and then see how much better off I am for it.

And then treat myself with the money I have spare... Something no doubt from the supermarket. :) xx

- Posted on the move...

Friday 24 February 2012

Musings - Friday, at last...

Today I have felt like I have been in an emotional tumble dryer.

Angry, happy, sad, mortified, smug, tearful, drained, buzzing, angry, happy...

So when I looked at the clock and it was finally the end of the working week I could have cried with relief.

The thing is not one of those emotions was warranted today... Strange. :) xx

- Posted on the move...

Thursday 23 February 2012

Musings - Mama Kat's Writing Workshop (23rd February 2012)

"I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat."
Edgar Allan Poe

I wish I could… Boy what a can of worms Mama Kat's writing prompt has opened up.

In fact, the worms are Anacondas! Big fanciful glittering giant wrigglers of all things that I can’t but wanna. At first I figured, hey be sensible for once and pick something heartfelt and deep… then I remembered who I am and when ‘squeeze Hugh Jackman’s bottom’ was the first thing that came to mind I realised I had a loooong list.

So for this prompt I grabbed my notepad, took out my phone and set a timer for ten minutes. Then I got myself ready, got myself set and here is what ‘I wish I could…’

  •  Squeeze Hugh Jackman's bottom
  • Win enough money to get out of debt
  • Trade my legs for Uma Thurman's
  • Write at work as all the distractions seem to help me focus
  • Bake a cake that actually rises!
  • Rewrite myself into the film 'White Fang' as Ethan's little lady
  • Speak another language fluently
  • Bend it like Beckham...
  • Ballroom dance if only for the shoes
  • Meet Richard of Boehmcke's Human Condition
  • Convince who ever it takes to make a Moonlight Season 2
  • Time travel with the ability to undo any changes I make if I don't like them
  • Have more hours in the day
  • Finish my writing ideas before moving onto the next one
  • Have the courage to try again!!!
And ten minutes ran out with the realisation that being a Mother has not made me any saner! :)

So come on, join in and tell me what YOU wish you could... :)

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Photo - Sent to test...

Today has been one of those days that leaves you limp and lifeless. I continuously leapt from hectic to boredom and back again until I had no idea what was going on.

The only saving grace was that, when I got home, the Rohan was waiting on the windowsill for me with a grin and a warm furry squeeze. :) xx

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Photo - Feeling fruity...

Just because I thought the picture looked so tasty... :) xx

- Posted on the move...

Monday 20 February 2012

Photo - So serious...

Sometimes Katharine looks at herself in the mirror and you can tell she is just sizing up this little monster looking back at her. :) xx

- Posted on the move...

Sunday 19 February 2012

Photo - Cake mistake...

Today I practiced making a birthday cake for Katharine. I made a Victoria Sponge and added pink food colouring, used my new giant cup cake silicone mould and had strawberry fondant for decoration.

Everything failed!

The cake didn't rise and even though the mix looked like a raspberry it still finished out yellow.

Getting it out of the mould made it fall apart and adding the fondant just made it look like a lopsided pink mess.

It's a good job I have five more weeks to practice!! :) xx

Posted on the move...

Saturday 18 February 2012

Musings - Taking time...

I realised today that I haven't done any writing for months, in fact it made me feel a little sad. I haven't even had the time to join in with Mama Kat's workshop.

Being a wife and a mother is keeping me busy and I love that... but I have made the decision to try and get at least half an hour a week to jot down something in my notebook or on the netbook.

Or at least make a bit more effort with my blog... :) xx

- Posted on the move...

Friday 17 February 2012

Photo - Firsts...

Anyone with a small child will know that life is full of enjoying that child's 'firsts'. Be it steps, words or teeth... It's all amazing.

Today, and okay this post is completely silly, Katharine had her first Marshmallow Chocolate Teacake. While most of it went in her mouth her entire face and some hair didn't miss out ha ha.

Look at the devilment in her eyes! She is loving it. :) xx

- Posted on the move...


Thursday 16 February 2012

Musings - Totally mental....

Now that we have caught up as far as we can with How I Met Your Mother we have moved on to a tasty bit of Simon Baker in The Mentalist.

We are on season 3... And loving it. :) xx

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Photo - Button cute...

I had a day at home with the girls today. Katharine got measured at baby clinic and Rohan went to the doggie hairdresser. The rest of the time we spent snuggled on the sofa. :) xx

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Photo - Fabulous darling...

This little beauty sits on my table to jeep me entertained. I love it when the male team members ask to borrow a stapler and I hand them that. :) xx

Monday 13 February 2012

Photo - First dress up...

What the photo doesn't show you is that Katharine is wearing my pyjama vest, a pair of turquoise knickers and a pink stripy sock on each foot.

Either her and daddy were playing dress up or sorting out the washing took a silly turn. I'm guessing both. :) xx

Sunday 12 February 2012

Musings - Blast from the...

When I was young, and I'm talking under ten here, me and two friends had a film that we watched over and over.

That film was The Ugly Dachshund and today I found the DVD in Asda supermarket for £3! I was so excited that I told my two friends straight away and we reminisced about sitting on their living room carpet laughing our heads off.

I had forgotten all about it but now I can't wait to watch it with Katharine. :) xx

Saturday 11 February 2012

Musings - PART 1 Year of adventure...

Part 1 of our exciting year was completed tonight. In honour of January we have found ourselves at the home of the Sheffield Steelers and their Elite Team match against the Coventry Blaze.

Freezing cold violence with the added extra of a stairmastering fat man and free subway sandwiches for a couple of lucky Kids... This was entertainment at its sporting best.

The first two periods saw the teams neck and neck with two goals a piece until five minutes before time a Steeler was able to chase in the puck that ultimately saw Sheffield with a victory.

Despite spending the evening in complete bemusement we had a fantastic time and even came away with a half time band to follow.

As part 1s go... This was AWESOME! :) xx

Friday 10 February 2012

Thursday 9 February 2012

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Photo - Chomp...

Awww don't you just love these nashers? And don't you just want to keep your fingers out of reach ha ha. :) xx

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Musings - Full of cold...

Today I am so ill I could sob. My throat hurts, my ears, my eyes, my lungs... I am snotty beyond measure and feel like a blob. If only I had something to ease the suffering... :( xx

Monday 6 February 2012

Musings - Fickle obsessions...

Generally my obsessions last about a week and I move on, those who read my musings know what I am talking about.

The thing is my current obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch (Part 2) doesn't seem to be fading any time fast...

So I guess it's time to dial the doctor, because I've got it bad. :) xx

Sunday 5 February 2012

Photo - A good old grin...

This is one of those moments when I look at my daughter and know that, while I love her unconditionally, I am really going to like her too. :) xx

Saturday 4 February 2012

Friday 3 February 2012

Photo - E for envelope

I can't spell, sometimes my mind goes completely blank at the simplest of words. Vowels in the middle of words are my particular problem.

So I make up little rules and snippets to remember...

Like stationery; I always tell myself that the e in the middle is for envelope, that way I don't end up standing still... If you know what I mean.

So I am wondering, what tricks do you use to remember the tricky ones? :) xx

Thursday 2 February 2012

Musings - Can and can not...

While I was pregnant I found that there were some things I could no longer face to eat or drink. Things such as cups of tea, tomato sauce, anything I had seen stirred before hand and, after the initial cravings, salt and vinegar crisps.

Then suddenly there were things that I could eat and drink such as coffee, milk, sprouts, mouthfuls of pickled onions and cherry tomatoes.

Since giving birth my taste buds it would seem are ruined. I still love coffee and while I couldn't even stand the smell of them pre 2010 I now love cherry tomatoes.

The point of this post, I guess, is that in a couple of weeks I am going to get myself a vegetable growing kit and tomatoes are on my list.

But what else shall I grow? Come on, give me some hints. :) xx

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Photo - Orange...

This might be a bit of an unnecessary over share... But I am loving how orange my orangey orange is. :) xx
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