Thursday 31 March 2011

Musings - Following advice and being inspired by others.

Last night I read a blog post by The Jack B (give it a read yourself) and decided to give his advice some serious thought. I really need to get on with my blogging life and get some interesting posts posted. So today I have been looking at what others have to offer.

For a while now I have been following bethan-no-y but have never really given much thought as to how entertaining she is. And she is, very much so. I have spent the last hour re-reading her blog and being somewhat inspired. Without stealing her ideas I have found that she has been taking part in a 30 day song and book challenge where she details a list of each that fall under certain criteria. It got me thinking.

Now it is a big challenge for me, at the moment, to sit / think / write about 30 songs and 30 books but I am going to give it a go if for no other reason than to follow Jack B's advice and get my creative juices flowing.

It will give me something to focus on in the coming days of impending induced labour and the fear of motherhood.

Thanks Guys. :) x

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Musings - Armchair Aspirations...

Will I ever just be more than an armchair player at writing?

Sigh… I remember when it started, you know, the writing bug. I must have been about thirteen and I saw White fang for the first time. You know the film… Gold Rush? Ethan Hawke? Wolf? Shaggy hair on both? And I remember sitting there thinking but what happens next? (This was before the shadow that was White Fang 2). So I set to, on the ribbon typewriter that my parents had bought me a couple of Christmases previous, and wrote me a sequel. It was awful and centred mostly on the lead finding a lovely young British girlfriend up there in the wilds of Klondike but I was hooked.

I suddenly had the story telling bug and soon every television episode, film, book or power ballad became the introduction to what I would begin tapping out with typewriter and Tippex in the confines of my Yorkshire bedroom. I had pages and pages of the stuff and fingers so sore that I was soon forced to resort to pencils and notepads (all of which I still have, by the way).

Then one day I took a leap and started a project of my own and I discovered that I was quite capable of inventing a world rather than expanding a piece of somebody else’s. This fish had found a new hook with a bait worth hanging in there for… I was in love with writing. It didn’t really matter what I wrote, I was addicted to the buzz I got from writing, from even just thinking about writing. I have seventeen years of those note books and a great deal more electronically. But with great buzz and an ever changing barrage of ideas comes great distraction and an abundant lack of focus…

Which is where I get to answer my opening question.

Do I deserve to be more? I worry that I should never be more than that thirteen year old sat upstairs chewing on the end of her HB pencil. I am lazy, I never finish anything, I have esteem issues, little time and I (clearly) make excuses for not pulling my finger out in the interim between thirteen and thirty and getting on with it.

If it makes any difference I know what I want ; which is either a step in the right direction or merely a taunt that I haven’t achieved it yet. I want to be THAT person who people search to read but I know unless I give them something to seek I will never hit upon anybodies radar.

I need help. I need focus.
But I know that I need to find these myself.

And I will… even if it means starting from the comfort of my armchair.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Photo - Unfair!

I was only out of the bed for a second! :) xx

Monday 28 March 2011

Observation - On The Inside

While I am somewhat impressed that the baby bulging inside me knows Kung Fu / all the dance moves to Step Up 2 / cabin crew directional instructions... my pelvic bone and fragile bladder do not agree. :) xx

Photo - Nursery, A Sneaky Peak

Here are a few pictures of what we have in store to entertain the Wee Redmond
when it arrives (hopefully next week).


Obviously we will be appreciating the decor much more than a new born, ha ha xx

Friday 25 March 2011

Photo - Rohan and the Bump...

I am beginning to think that Rohan believes she needs to help me
hatch the baby like an egg. :) xx

Observation - My Father's Conversations...

Where my parents live is a very family orientated neighbourhood. There are quite a lot of children and over the years while out in the garden my father has had some priceless conversations with them.

One day my father was DIYing and hit his hand, "Flipping Heck!" he swore not realising that the 4 year old next door was stood watching him. She gasped and ran to her mum saying, "Mum, Fred just swore! He said 'Flick A Leg'". Hilarious and of course for the last 15 years that has now been the mantra in their house if anything goes wrong. :)

Last week my father was washing their car on his driveway and noticed that 2 small children were watching him.
Child 1: Mister, What are you doing?
Father: Washing my car.
Child 2: Oh.
Father: (indicating the water pooling on the floor) Don't play in the water will you.
Child 1: We won't. We would get told off.
Child 2: Don't you slip in it mister.
Father: I won't.

2 minutes later...
Father: What are you doing in that water!?
Child 1: Washing my trainers.

Kids. :)

Sunday 6 March 2011

Photo - Finishing Touches

I am finally getting around to the finishing touches of the Nursery.
Staining the shelves is so boring that I have been putting it off and off... and off.
But now I have started which means that once they are done and put up I can do the fun stuff. Like decide the Zeddy and Parsnip canvas prints are going. :) xx

Musings - M.I.A... again

The weeks are flying scarily by!
At the end of 2010 I promised myself that I would set out some blogging time... i failed.
My excuse as you know... growing a person. :)
Here is a photograph of my progress so far.
I have 6 weeks to go exactly. I am huge and it is only now that the real growing begins ha ha.
Still don't know if we have a Blue baby or a Pink baby (as the niece calls it) but I guess we don't have that long to wait now.
And then I definitely will have no time to be blogging anything!
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